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Fooled ya


"My body talks"  by me.

Part I


Our selection of the top ten abandoned places we would visit if we weren’t so scared!


Poison Ivy, The Cramps.

Track: Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)
Artist: Grimes
Album: Go


Grimes :: Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)


Surprise! Here’s a little giveaway :) It’s not much, but once my Etsy reaches 500 sales, I’ll be doing my biggest giveaway yet.. I expect this to happen in 2 months or so! In this giveaway, however, this is what the winner will receive:

  • A kyanite pendant (the crystal has been polished and repaired but it still looks lovely!)
  • A clear Tibetan quartz pendant
  • An amethyst pendant (a best seller in my shop!)
  • 2 amethyst crystals from Brazil
  • 2 tumbled amethysts 
  • A chunk of tektite from Vietnam (naturally occurring glass that is believed to have come to Earth from meteorite impacts long ago) 


  1. Please check out my Etsy shop. (A big update is coming mid August, there is currently a clearance sale going on)
  2. Please follow my blog so you can get updates on the giveaway (in case something changes)
  3. DO NOT TAG THIS POST AS GIVEAWAY please do not do this, it increases the chances that this post will be deleted and then the giveaway will be cancelled. 
  4. Be respectful of me and my rules
  5. You have until Wednesday, August 6th to enter
  6. Reblogs and likes count as entries, sometimes more than one reblog is counted, sometimes not, it depends on tumblr
  7. I will ship anywhere
  8. It will end Wednesday, August 6th at 8 pm, PDT 
  9. Winner will be chosen via random number generator (each entry will be assign with a number) 
  10. Again, please be respectful, and have fun! 

my transformation into hot sk8r babe is now in progress

Angelina Jolie by Bettina Rheims, Los Angeles, February 1994.


first rule of fight club

  1. no fightin!…shakira shakiraaa



cats are the shit

cats are so fucking funny, this cheered me up so much